Monet in Toronto

Footbridge over West Pond, Toronto.Below street level on the west side of Ellis Ave just west of Grenadier Pond and High Park is a trail you might never know is there if you’re not from the neighbourhood. Small signs are posted beside rough steps made of tamped earth braced by old timbers, leading to the path along West Pond, a small body of water narrow as a river. Large oaks and other mature trees surround it, ducks glide between the lily pads. Tall cattails and marsh lie beyond the pond, and this treasure of a bridge at its north end gets you to the west side where the path continues up to Rennie Park. Location

Looking south over West Pond toward the lake in Toronto.


Kay Gardiner Beltline Bridge

Mimico Creek Bridge

Wallace Avenue Footbridge

Humber River Pedestrian/Bicycle Bridge