Great Lake swimming

 Picnic Revolution comes to the Beach

What to do when you’re enjoying a perfect beach day but hunger pangs threaten to end the idyll? There’s an app for that!


Lake Swimmers Update

Record rainfalls and high water levels have transformed our shoreline. We went beach prospecting to see conditions for ourselves. Will Toronto still be a lake swimmers’ city?

Swimmers in Lake Ontario.Swimming Toronto’s Beaches

Toronto is a beach city and summer isn’t over yet. We checked out all 11 designated swimming beaches from a swimmer’s point of view.

Taking the Plunge

We know that Lake Ontario is slow to warm in the spring, but the heat and pea soup humidity around here drove us to the beach. The dip was exhilarating!

Swimming in Lake Ontario.Swimming into Fall

Surprising as it may seem, right now is some of the best swimming of the year in Toronto. The lake is a large body of water – it cools slowly long into the fall, just as we know it takes forever to warm up in the summer. Swimming on sunny warm October days is bonus summer.