Japan_Stamp_in_1959_International_Letter_Writing_WeekCries Like Dead Letters Sent

Perhaps you have had this experience: quite by chance in an attic or neglected corner of a walk-in closet you come across, likely in a shoebox, a bundle of old letters, possibly secured with ribbon or rubber bands, bearing your handwriting and the distinctive red stripes of airmail envelopes.

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– Robert Fisher

Mother’s Day Blues357-happy-mothers-day-greeting-card-design-template cr

“Parenting, I’m told, is agony and ecstasy. Problem is, we’re steeped in the agony, relieved only rarely by fleeting moments of hope or happiness.”

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– Thea Thomas

All Is (Not) Lost: A Cautionary Tale

Car key with panic button.

Panic is right!

Ever wondered what would happen if you dropped your car keys down the elevator shaft as you’re stepping over that gap? When you’re half a day’s drive away from your home base? When you’ve already spent half a day having a flat tire replaced on your car? (yes, that same car). When you’re on the 5th level of the parking lot at the Eaton Centre? Well, I don’t have to wonder because now I know.

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– Miria Ioannou