A Horoscope for Toronto

Should Toronto build a subway out to Scarborough? Should it raise taxes or cut services? We can’t trust our politicians to be guided by the facts.

Is there another solution? Can the sun, moon and stars offer some insight into Toronto’s future?

According to astrology charts Toronto is a Pisces and in Chinese astrology, the city is a Horse. In honour of Toronto’s 183rd birthday, celebrated on March 6, we look at the horoscope for the Piscean Horse, a changeable, energetic, and imaginative creature, trying to find balance in a changing world.

Toronto, the Piscean Horse, this is your horoscope.

Toronto Piscean horse

Your Strengths:

– compassionate, kind-hearted, generous
– artistic, imaginative
– adaptable, accepting
– most tolerant of zodiac signs
– fashionable and popular
– fond of sports
– you enjoy good food and alcoholic beverages
– you like to entertain but you expect others to help you clean up

Your Weaknesses:

– indecisive
– lacks self-discipline
– prone to dreaminess
– overly trusting
– easy to take advantage of
– least organized of the signs
– you are prone to arrogance and over-confidence

Fun, whimsical, intuitive and creative. Realistic, hardworking, cautious and conservative. The Piscean Horse’s seemingly opposing group of traits results in erratic and indecisive behavior. You can appear to be too changeable and confusing. Toronto, you spend a lot of energy trying to find the perfect balance. Others don’t always understand you. You don’t understand yourself.

You start new projects with lots of energy but it fades out before anything sustainable can be created. You are compassionate and want to please, like building grandiose subway infrastructure, which leaves you susceptible to lies and manipulation. Your Horse side makes you gullible and a little stubborn. When it comes to big decisions follow your intuition and listen to your imaginative inner fish. Be parsimonious where it counts, but don’t compromise. Don’t settle. With this in mind, revisit the Lakeshore Blvd. decision and the subway extension to Scarborough.


There are money-making opportunities in 2017, the Year of the Rooster. Real estate will continue to be a good investment. Will the bubble burst? Our prediction — It might burst, it might not burst but you will enjoy better finances in the second half of the year. Tap into your creativity and imagination to get ahead of the game. But don’t be dreamy, wishing for unrealistic tax cuts or pushing through on hopeless projects. Our transit charts show the subway will cost you double what you think.

You will spend money to achieve your goals, but you can also be stingy and stubborn, two unattractive qualities when combined. Increasing user fees puts the vulnerable at risk. A 2 ½ per cent arbitrary budget cut across the board, resulted in a $1,000,000 cut to assistance to the homeless. That’s not who you are.

Bike Share Toronto.Health:

You are an energetic horse but ill health is a possibility this year. Your arteries are clogged. Embrace the bicycle as your metal twin. Pay particular attention to traffic safety.

You are at risk of nervous exhaustion. To avoid this outcome, turn to nature. Nurture your horse-side and invest in clean air and parks; nurture your-fish side by enhancing the lakeshore. Pamper yourself; invest in replacing your old sewer system.

State of Mind:

Your beliefs will come under review as you think about your past and wonder how much you have changed. With transiting Neptune going through your sign, you barely recognize yourself. You may be confused about who you really are. Others are and don’t understand you.

Contemplating the closure of city pools runs contrary to the Pisces personality and will cause you to suffer. This thinking is a clear indication that you have lost your way. In 2017 work on unlocking your true generous nature. Stop daydreaming about budget efficiencies and tax cuts.


You want to be known as good but you don’t make a lot of progress. This is because you must put up with too many Geminis – your least compatible sign. The Gemini twin sign quadruples your own frustration as a dual fish. While Geminis can be fun and energetic, it is difficult for you to know where you stand with these free-wheeling personalities who send you false signals. Like a careless adolescent, Gemini can pull the carpet from under a Pisces. Think Kathleen Wynn, who is a Gemini, and road tolls.

Both Pisces (water) and Gemini (air) are mutable signs, which cause you to deal with constant change. You are irritated by Gemini’s control over your life. Its own action-packed, hyperactive life and constant chatter exhausts and irritates your quiet Pisces nature.

Gemini (born between May 21 and June 21):

Mayor John Tory born May 28, 1954
Former Mayor Rob Ford born May 28, 1969
Premier Kathleen Wynn born May 21, 1953
Patrick Brown, Conservative Party born May 26, 1978

Other Geminis that may influence you negatively in 2017:

President Donald Trump – born June 14, 1946
Vice President Pence – born June 7, 1959
Rudy Giuliani – born May 28, 1944

Look for guidance from one of your most compatible signs – Taurus. Its reliable, patient and persistent qualities appeal to your passionate, romantic and caring qualities. This earth sign will ground the Pisces Horse. Think Jane Jacobs, who was an influential Taurus for you in the past.


Let your horse side run. Let your fish side swim. Become self-reliant and guard yourself against  Gemini who is careless and petulant with you. Make a fresh start and you will be recognized for your efforts. In a chaotic world it is good to remember who you are. Be objective about yourself. Talk less, do more.

Powerful Mars will start 2017 in Pisces but don’t start anything unless you are ready to finish it, otherwise you will pay for it well into your future. You’ll have many social engagements during the summer. December is your luckiest month.

Your mutable water quality can help you achieve change. Be guided by your compassion for others.

– Elizabeth Cinello
Images by Elizabeth Cinello and courtesy Wikipedia commons
The Piscean Horse created by Schuster Gindin from historical images in the public domain


This was great fun to read because you have captured perfectly the style and tone of astrological writing. You have humanized Toronto, this giant collective person, this friend whose amiability we enjoy, but at the same time wish was better organized and practical. The core of our problems is that Toronto suffers from far outdated legislation: the GTA should be a self-governing territory with the ability to raise income taxes on people and corporations, and spend that revenue as it sees fit. The GTA produces most of the wealth of Ontario, but is much under-represented in provincial parliament.
The photos are superb and the horse-fish emblem is beautiful and worthy of an urban Pisces.
Rodney Dangerfield said: My wife’s an earth sign, I’m a water sign — put us together you get mud.
Such an attractive, original article.
Robert L. Fisher, Toronto
Fun! Lovely image and you seemed to have covered this from many angles!
Mariella Bertelli, Toronto
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