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Distilled Light

Angels of Freedom installationOnce again in Toronto someone is out to prove that you don’t have to be athletic to enjoy going outside in winter. That’s right, no skiing, skating or sledding involved. The Distillery District, like the Beaches with Winter Stations (free, on until March 27) and Harbourfront with Icebreakers (free, on until Feb 26), entices us into the cold to be captivated by art.

Toronto Light Fest.The Toronto Light Fest at the Distillery (free, on nightly until March 12) was conceived by Matthew Rosenblatt because “Winter sucks, and we simply want to make winter not suck so much. We want to create something special and something that will lift the collective spirit of the City… an event that is inspirational.”

Some of these playful light sculptures are made for interaction – you can pedal a stationary bike to create the illusion of riding bareback on a white horse, or have a friend take a photo of you that gives the appearance that you are an angel (that is an illusion). One piece prefers to comment on the inflated importance that large neon lights bestow. All are engaging and reward physical and intellectual involvement. And they are fun! Outside! This is good!
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Run Beyond

Kelly Mark Exhibition (nothing in context)

January 27th to March 12th

Sunday to Wednesday: Sundown to 10pm

Thursday to Saturday: Sundown to 11pm

– Schuster Gindin
Photos by Schuster Gindin

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