Woodbine Beach

This beach is huge and at the western edge looks to be the city’s widest. It is the most crowded, and unlike other Toronto beaches, there is litter on the sand.  Rows and rows of  beach volleyball nets are well used. It’s been red-flagged only twice this summer – the E coli count was 129 ppm. on our beach day. Along the boardwalk are various snack options, including a food truck with its own ATM machine.
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Sand/Rock ratio
The beach sand is fine and soft until near the water. There it’s stony sand, uncomfortable for several feet out. Eventually the pebbles dissipate and it’s sandy underfoot. Litter was strewn over the beach and at the water’s edge.

Once again we rely on the lifeguards, who report 16°C at 9 a.m.

Water Clarity
We have always found this water to be clear.

Informative about the water conditions.

Open water to the horizon. To the west is the Ashbridges Bay Sewage Treatment Plant chimney stack and, sticking up above the trees of the park that lines the beach, our orientation point – the CN Tower.

There are often dogs on this beach in spite of the large off-leash enclosure at its eastern edge. But we did not see any in our short stay on this day.

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