Road Trip

Robyn Mitchell and her mom Kathryn are bone fide Torontonians who have been living in the U.S. for quite some time. Robyn attended university in North Carolina before landing a great job in public relations in Washington, D.C. But the west coast had always beckoned to her and after working in the District for close to four years, she finally got an opportunity to move to Seattle. When the deal was sealed, she and her mom — who currently lives in Boston — thought they’d take advantage of the 3,000 mile distance and hit the road for a cross-country road trip! In early July, they set out to drive across the western part of the U.S. with some of Robyn’s stuff in tow. It took them seven days, starting in Kansas City, with stops in Colorado (Denver, Boulder), Wyoming (Jackson, Grand Tetons Park, Yellowstone), Montana (Ennis) and Washington (Spokane, Seattle). Robyn chronicled every step of their western adventures – and here are just a few of her best.
Both Kathryn and Robyn will be back in Toronto this summer for their annual Muskoka respite – and will undoubtedly be back in the city later this year!

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