Ward’s Island Beach

Ward’s feels like a community beach, which it is, with many island visitors enjoying it too. We are visually reminded of the mainland by the Leslie St. spit jutting out along its eastern side. A sward of trees and dune grasses separate the beach from the residential community on the island. To the west are the seawall and boardwalk that edge the north shore. The water is open to the horizon, with much boat traffic passing on its way to the outer harbour marina and the smell of fuel sometimes wafting over the waves.
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Sand/Rock ratio
Few pebbles mar this soft sand. Excellent texture for the classic drip-drop sand castle. Smooth walking in the water.


Squeal Zone Swim Depth Submerged
       20°C           20°C        19°C

Water Clarity
Clear clean water with excellent visibility to the ripply bottom.

Vigilant though not obnoxious in following us as we swam. Ineffectual in dealing with dog intrusions.

Faces Leslie St. spit to the east, with a heavily-trafficked boat channel between them. Open water straight out from the beach, which is enclosed on the west by a rocky point. A backdrop of bush and trees that includes the dune-stabilizing native plant equisetum. Over the residential roofs and between the trees behind the beach, a glimpse of the CN Tower.

Frisbee dog.Dogs
“Frisbee dog shook water all over me!” a child yelled. The dog leapt all around and over anyone in the sand or shallows here as its owner initiated frisbee play. When questioned about dogs on the beach, a lifeguard opined, “People don’t listen.” So much for enforcement of a dog-free swim area.