Truth and Responsible Journalism Benefit

attendees at benefit

Truth and Responsible Journalism Benefit

Journalists these days seem under threat from many sides. Writers can feel intimidated and over-cautious in bringing forward difficult stories. Canadian freelance journalist Laura Robinson stands against this tide. Laura Robinson

“She writes stories that even journalists protected by their news organizations would be afraid to write. She’s very brave.”

– Jan Wong

Robinson is a former champion athlete and the author of several books and articles on sport. A recent article in The Georgia Straight about the ongoing issue of abuse of Native residential school students has forced her to become a fundraising recipient in order to cover her legal costs. Former Vancouver Olympics CEO John Furlong launched a suit against her and the paper after she exposed his secret past as a residential school teacher.  (As a free-lancer, Robinson is not covered by the Straight’s insurance policy.)

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Here in Toronto friends, fellow writers, and strangers came together for a benefit held at a local gallery. Great locavore food, a klezmer band and a silent auction made a fun social event of an unfortunate necessity. Writers Michele Landsberg and Jan Wong spoke in admiration and support.

Robinson followed with a summary of the issue and this challenge: “Where is the sport community on this issue?”

– Schuster Gindin

Laura Robinson TV interview
The journalist demands a retraction and apology.

See complete up-to-date info on the case here.

Read journalist Jan Wong’s take on the situation here.

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