Table of Contents

  • A Thousand Cranes – Introduction.  At this moment of exponential development in Toronto, it seems there are a thousand cranes.  What are some of the implications for the city and the millions who call it home? 
  • Toronto: Almost a Great CIty by Vincenzo Pietropaolo. A recent historical perspective from a former city planner and documentary photographer.
  • At the Bottom of the Crane – Photo Essay by Schuster Gindin. Construction workers below grade at Yonge St. north of Dundas.
  • The House that was Eaten Alive by Elizabeth Cinello, Larry Swartz and Debbie Nyman. The demise of a local landmark.
  • Whose City? by Schuster Gindin. Can chief planner Jennifer Keesmaat make a difference?
  • Birds Want In by Elizabeth Cinello. A nesting project in the St. Clair W area.
  • The View from Here by Miria Ioannou. Living in a highrise condo.
  • Overheard by Debbie Nyman. Snippets of the conversations going on about the city.
  • Cranes, cranes, cranes – a series of photos. Wherever you look, this is what you see.
  • Links – websites and articles relevant and related to this issue.