Marie Curtis Beach

Marie Curtis Park East Beach is at the western edge of Toronto, and the beach itself it at the edge of a lush green park with immense shade trees, a children’s playground and a curvy bathhouse. It is not wide, contained  by residential on the east and the Etobicoke Creek on the west, and feels like a comfortable neighbourhood beach, very unassuming. People walked the boardwalk, sat on the benches, children climbed on the cannon. A lovely early evening, all very relaxed, except for the seagulls. They kept eyeing us and flying over, and even dive-bombed us once as we swam. Are they territorial?
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Sand/Rock ratio
Sand which becomes pebbly at the water’s edge and into the shallows. Not really uncomfortable, and the bottom becomes sandy as it deepens.


Squeal Zone Swim Depth Submerged
       17°C         17°C        17°C

Water Clarity
We could see our feet beneath us, but there is a murky quality to this water. Perhaps that had to do with being there at the end of the day, when the light is at an oblique angle to the water.

We were obtrusively guarded until suddenly the lifeguards’ workday ended. Then we were informed that we swam at our own risk, and with that we were left in peace.

A treed and residential shoreline to the east, with no city skyline. To the west trees and parkland and the tall chimney stack of the Lakeview Sewage Treatment Plant.

Several dogs and their owners walked the boardwalk and then played at the water’s edge. Balls were thrown and fetched with much loping and splashing. Lifeguards ignored them.