Hapa Izakaya

crabs packed in boxSo sometimes what we are eating is what our adult children tell us to be eating and where to be eating it. They make the reservation. They meet you there. The sign is so tiny you walk past it several times and argue about the address. Of course one of you wrote it down wrong. You find it and they are there and have ordered expensive and special cocktails and they are annoyed that you are late. How could you not have seen the sign?

They order for you because they are familiar with the menu. They’ve tried some of the items. They conspire together, “I think Mom will like this, she likes fried things. I think Dad will like this. He likes fish and chips.”  They order sake, warm.  You don’t say anything.

And the dinner is delicious, a wonderful combination of flavours and spices and fresh ingredients. Hot and cold tapas served with information and enthusiasm. And they were right, You love the fried polenta and he loves the fish and chips roll. And ordering the sake warm was a perfect choice.

And you sit on the edge, both listening to the conversation and remembering when you persuaded them to try something different, when you controlled dinner out.

And then they pass you the bill.

Hapa Izakaya
602 College St.

– Debbie Nyman