Gibraltar Beach

A secluded beach, not on the island maps and discreetly signed; this is a peacefully laid-back and uncrowded stretch. The path to the beach passes over dunes protected by board walkways and studded with signs about dune formation. These low dunes are the backdrop to a long soft sand beach with a wide open view of lake and sky. A feeling of pleasant isolation where the one picnic table on the old stone pier seems more than enough. It’s easy to forget that the city is there unless you look over your shoulder and catch a glimpse of the top of the CN tower.
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Sand/Rock ratio
The sand is fine, soft and clean except for one unnervingly long golf tee we found beside our foot. There are pebbles at the waterline and for a short distance in the shallows, but after that it’s a sandy bottom.


Squeal Zone Swim Depth Submerged
       22°C         22°C        22°C

Water Clarity
Clear and clean. No impediments in the water but there is one structure out there. It’s a round lidded metal pipe that is connected to the island water treatment plant which is right behind this beach. On the day we were there, children got out of their canoe and danced on it.

An extremely chill lifeguard never went into the water while people were swimming. She packed up early and waited on the pier to be picked up at the end of her shift. We enjoyed a long, unaccompanied swim.

Wide open water to the horizon, and just one old stone pier on the shore. Dunes and grasses and some shade trees back the beach. And, through a gap in the trees, the CN tower.

Isolated though it is, a leashed dog is walked along the shore. We wondered if they even realized that they were on a swimming beach. On more crowded days there have been more dogs, and no interventions by the lifeguards.





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