Bluffer’s Beach

Be careful not to do what we did. Distracted by the Hav-A-Nap Motel on the corner, we missed the turn-off at Brimley Road. High sand bluffs behind the beach isolate the park from the city, and you can’t see the beach until you get there. Feels like it could be somewhere far away; the surrounding wilderness warrants coyote warnings. It’s situated in a broad, sheltered bay where the eroding dunes create a wide beach with the softest sand. In the water, sand bars and shallows mean swimmers wade out quite a distance to gain depth, but kids and non-swimmers can be very comfortable. A small boy chased seagulls across the sand, and the flock took off as if to greet the lifeguards rowing in to work at 11:30 a.m. They raised the green flag; we were good to go.
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Sand/Rock ratio
This beach has the softest cleanest sand of all Toronto beaches. No rocks at all, just virgin sand straight off the Scarborough Bluffs. Perfect.


Squeal Zone Swim Depth Submerged
       20°C         20°C        19°C

Water Clarity
Clear blue water right down to the sandy ridges along the bottom. All ten of my Big Apple Red toes were visible.

Life Guards
Vigilantly dogging us in their dinghies, tag-teaming as we swam parallel to the shoreline, warning us not to go out past the buoys even though we weren’t. When I asked one guard to keep a little distance, he kindly complied.

Towering bluffs stand high behind the shore, slowly contributing soft soft sand to the beach. Blue open water to the horizon. Squint to the east and in the far distance the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station is visible.

A woman led her leashed dog back and forth in front of the lifeguard stand several times, with no intervention.