Street poetry along St. Clair, west of Old Weston Road, in front of Delta Bingo.

poetry imbedded in concrete along streetThe moon is lost and likewise are the stars,

The houses sit with candled window panes

and passing up the road, our moth-lit cars

while late night goers struggle up their lanes.

– John B. Lee

Versatile local business

tax & dance

Topiary Hedge

Topiary hedge.

Topiary shrub.A local “tree artist” has spent decades shaping and maintaining this hedge, which belongs to a homeowner down the street from his apartment. Here, just south of St. Clair on Glenholme Avenue, two men transcend the barriers of real estate and property rights to share a hedge as art.

Topical Graffiti

Idle no moreIdle no more graffiti.

– Schuster Gindin