Combo Plate

Hungary Thai restaurant.Rasta Pasta restaurant, Kensington Market, Toronto.

Here’s a couple of the many ethnic cuisine combinations that are characteristic of our restaurant scene as the population melds. They give a sense of who lives here and how we are coming together.

There goes the neighbourhood

Abandoned cafe.

This café used to be the gathering place for people working along St. Clair W near Dufferin and for local artists who showed at the community gallery across the street. Forced to close a few years ago because the building was sold and renovated and rents leapt out of reach. Same thing happened to the gallery. And now here’s the local want-ad:

Current Job Opportunities
After reviewing the job descriptions below please select the position(s) for which you want to apply. We are currently accepting applications for the following jobs at our location at STARBUCKS COFFEE COMPANY – 1228 ST. CLAIR AVENUE WEST in TORONTO, ON: Barista, Shift Supervisor.

Tech Change

Former Hillroy factory.

Here’s a very friendly remnant of the sign on the old Hillroy Factory, where they made those spiral notebooks we used in elementary school. Now a tech company; could have seen that coming.

Dying OutItalian hairdresser building.Morrison Cleaners sign on building.Italian shoemaker shop.

Small neighbourhood businesses. Proprietors get old – the next generation could never make their mortgage payments with these local storefront businesses.
Queen St window.I think we know.

– Schuster Gindin
Photos by Elizabeth Cinello and Schuster Gindin

This article is part of our issue COULD BE A SIGN: Ways of Communicating.

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