Every year OCAD University hosts an exhibition of students’ work. This year (April 29 to May 3) was the university’s 100th exhibition. It featured more than 900 artists and designers. Among them was a graduating student, Shubo Yang, whose work caught our eye. She presented a series of paintings entitled Isolation, with the artist’s statement below.

33 cr

I am a non-native international student, which gives me an opportunity to see & feel different experiences within Canada.

I keep being out of focus while communicating with others in English. I need to pay twice attention to the conversation, and sometimes I misunderstand the conversation, that really makes me feel embarrassed.

Every time I experience this feeling I can even see hallucinations with some unbelievable transit in my eyes, just like their hair, face and skins begin to fuse, enlarge and blur. I feel there is a gap between us, and I cannot go across it.

Click on any image to enlarge

– Shubo Yang
Images © Shubo Yang, all rights reserved.
Photos by Elizabeth Cinello

This article is part of our issue COULD BE A SIGN: Ways of Communicating.

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