Feeding Toronto


Myriam at Vesta Lunch.Where do you eat when you’re out in the middle of the night? When you’re starving after finishing a late shift or straggling home with friends after the bars and clubs have closed? That’s the moment when a classic, 24-hour diner hits the spot. Toronto filmmakers Lucas Gindin and Leib Kopman found a warm welcome at Vesta Lunch, as have many in the Dupont/Bathurst neighbourhood at any hour night or day for years. The claim posted on its façade is “Reputable since 1955” and we’ll take their word for it. Whenever you’re hungry, Myriam will be there waiting for you.

This video is part of our issue FEEDING TORONTO.


I just received your notice that an article about the Vesta Restaurant has been added to the food edition. It brought back a lot of memories, When I came to live in Toronto 44 years ago I rented a place just a couple of blocks from Vesta. I often ate there. It seems the one thing in Toronto that has resisted change.
There’s a documentary called Night Cook available at TVO.org, about the night shift cook, an immigrant from Slovakia, who spent his whole working life at Vesta. He even rented an apartment upstairs in the same building. A very poignant story well told.
Robert Fisher, Toronto




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