Who hasn’t turned their head from backed up traffic on the Gardiner and mentally transported themselves onto the gracefully arching Humber Pedestrian Bridge. Other city footbridges are never glimpsed through car windows; they are only revealed to those tramping obscure footpaths or meandering the lakeshore. Iconic, popular or unexpected surprise, they change our perspective on the landscape as we stand suspended over water, street or railroad tracks.
We are starting a list of our favourites.

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Monet in Toronto

Footbridge over West Pond, Toronto.

Kay Gardiner Beltline BridgeKay Gardiner Beltline Bridge

Mimico Creek BridgeMimico Creek Bridge

Wallace Avenue FootbridgeWest Toronto Railway bridge

Humber Pedestrian BridgeHumber River Pedestrian bridge in Toronto.

– Schuster Gindin
Photos by Schuster Gindin

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