St. Clair Streetcar is 100, Little Libraries and Arctic Defenders

New streetcar test drive on St Clair.St. Clair streetcar is 100!

One hundred years ago, St. Clair Ave was Toronto’s northern city limit; a dirt road with few commercial or residential buildings.

– Schuster Gindin

Littlest Free Library under a treeLittle Free Library

There’s a Little Free Library on a front lawn on Rushton Road, south of St. Clair. It looks like an over-sized birdhouse on a post. It has a glass door so you can see the books inside.

– Elizabeth Cinello

Arctic © John WalkerArctic Defenders

Opening night at the Planet in Focus Film Festival and a young Inuit drummer and two throat singers kick off the screening of Arctic Defenders.

– Schuster Gindin