Hanlan’s Point Beach

Toronto’s only clothing-optional beach presented a photographic challenge which required some discretion, although we estimated that only about a third of beachgoers here took that option. This was definitely a party beach, but perhaps it’s that we arrived at the end of the day. We’ve been here on previous occasions earlier in the afternoon and the beach seemed a bit more sedately naked. On this evening many powerboats drew in close, with partiers on deck joining those on shore. Planes from the nearby island airport regularly roared by, and cigarette butts litter the sand.
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Sand/Rock ratio
A very pebbly water’s edge, and uncomfortable walk out to swim depth. Sandy on the beach.


Squeal Zone Swim Depth Submerged
       23°C         22°C        22°C

Water Clarity
Clear to its stony bottom.

We arrived after the end of their shift (they work 11:30 am – 6:30 pm.)

We could see the western skyline of the city, and probably all the way to Hamilton if the setting sun had not obscured it. Behind the dense wooded area behind the beach our familiar CN tower was visible.

No dogs in sight, and a good thing given all those exposed and vulnerable tender bits.

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